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How Can You Arrange In-Home Delivery?
As much as we would like to speed up the process, buying a new car can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process. This is why we now offer some relief with home delivery. Your convenience is our priority.  We will bring a vehicle right to your home at no charge, provided you live within 30 miles (nominal fee if over 30 miles) of our Dealership.

Here's How It Works
Your salesperson will drive the new car to you and bring the sales documents for signing. When your salesman arrives, verify that the car is the year, make and model you chose, and that it has the agreed-upon equipment. Be sure that it is in new condition (even new cars can suffer scratches or dings during shipping). After you sign the sales documents, your salesman will get a ride back to the dealership with an assistant who has come along in a second car.

Why Not Reduce Your Stress?

The total time for an in-home car delivery is about 20-30 minutes. Home delivery helps you avoid the wait and frustration at the dealership. Use this benefit with your next purchase and you're likely to become one of the many shoppers who've told us: "I never thought it could be this easy."

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