The days of carrying around a bulky key fob is over for Hyundai drivers in Torrance. With Hyundai Bluelink, you can access countless features of your Hyundai vehicle all from your smartphone. At South Bay Hyundai, we have a massive inventory of new and used Hyundai vehicles with Bluelink capabilities. Learn more about this high-tech amenity below.


Convenience Features

This smartphone application offers Redondo Beach drivers unmatched flexibility when it comes to optimizing and maintaining their Hyundai vehicle. Chilly morning, or a real scorcher? Use Remote Start with Climate Control to set the ideal temperature long before you get in your Hyundai. Get there in a few taps, or use your voice assistant of choice to get things going for you.

Long Beach drivers will love the Remote Door Lock and Unlock function. Use a PIN number to unlock your vehicle via your smartphone, smartwatch, or another connected home device. Use the destination search function, which can automatically send navigations to your Hyundai's navigation system. Save routes and destinations so you can access them anytime. The Remote Car Finder will help you next time you find yourself parked in a crowded lot. The Bluelink app will show you exactly where your Hyundai is, so you can get on the move.

Maintenance and Safety

With On-Demand Diagnostics and Alerts, Los Angeles drivers will be able to run a full diagnostic check from inside their Hyundai vehicle. If an issue is reported, you can schedule service on your Hyundai with the push of a button, and your preferred dealership will be contacted automatically with the report in tow.

Bluelink services also offer enhanced roadside assistance, supplying your exact location to a roadside assistance associate. If you get in an accident, automatic emergency assistance is contacted, sending help right away.

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Learn more about the unbeatable service features found with the Hyundai Bluelink application. At South Bay Hyundai, we're happy to answer any questions you may have about this service. Contact us today!

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