If you've been waiting to buy a new Hyundai until the right time, we have good news: The right time has arrived. You may have heard news reports about the worldwide shortage of electronic chips, and that means there's a big shortage of new cars, which means that quality used cars are now in very high demand. You can get an incredibly high trade-in value for your car, truck or SUV and use it to help you buy a brand-new or Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai at South Bay Hyundai in Torrance, CA.

At South Bay Hyundai, we are 100% committed to finding quality used cars even during the shortage, and that means we're ready to offer you a top-dollar trade-in value for your car, truck or SUV. It doesn't matter whether it's a Hyundai or something else. We want your used vehicle, and we'll make you a great trade-in offer to prove it. In fact, we can offer you an exceptional trade-in price as quickly as today. What's more, you can do most of the car shopping and financing quickly and easily online, from the comfort of home.

I'm Pretty Busy: How Long Does It Take to Get My Car's Trade-in Value?

We're setting speed records in getting back to people quickly. Just fill out our Simple Trade-In Form online. It takes only a few minutes, and you'll get an estimate of your car's current high value right away. As soon as you submit the form, one of our specialists will get back to you as fast as possible with a trade-in estimate. If it looks good, bring your current car and your trade-in estimate to us and we can finalize the details in person.

Once you know what your car is worth, browse our online selection of new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. When you've found a Hyundai vehicle you really like, you can get a good idea of how much your high trade-in offer will help you move into that new vehicle. Just apply your estimated trade-in value to the price of the new or Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai you like at our dealership and see what a difference it makes.

But Can't I Get More for My Car by Selling It Myself?

Frankly, selling a used car is much more time-consuming – and more expensive – than most people realize. When car owners find out how much time and expense is needed to sell a car, they usually agree it's far easier to trade-in a vehicle to us. That's especially true right now, when chip shortages have made your pre-owned vehicle worth more than you might ever have imagined.

Selling a car yourself means you'll have to spend the time and money needed to give it a complete makeover at a detail shop. There’s also the time and expense of making repairs, writing an online ad complete with your own photos, and then waiting for buyers who may not always show up for an appointment.

But if you trade-in your car to us, most details can be handled online or managed even more easily at South Bay Hyundai. If you like our offer, and we think you will, you can find your next car in our new or Certified Pre-Owned inventory. When you trade-in your car to us, you save all the time and expense required to sell it yourself, and you can get into your next new Hyundai model much more quickly. In fact, trading in your car to us and letting us help you find a new one is probably the fastest, most efficient use of your time when it comes to getting your next new Hyundai.

Reach Out Today and Get a High Trade-in Value at South Bay Hyundai

We invite you to use our quick-turnaround online "Trade-In Value" tool from the comfort of your home in Redondo Beach or wherever you live and see how much your current car, truck or SUV is worth. Go to our Simple Trade-In Form, tell us a few facts about your car and get your answer quickly. And by the way, we normally use Kelley Blue Book to set a fair trade-in value, but right now, we're raising our offers well above KBB value. After all, Kelley Blue Book isn't working to overcome a shortage of quality used cars, but we are. Browse our great selection of new Hyundai models and get your own high trade-in offer today at South Bay Hyundai in Torrance, CA.