The 2021 Hyundai vehicle lineup is full of great-looking SUVs, sedans, and compact cars that fit every lifestyle and driving need. Hyundai vehicles are reliable, economical, and ever-evolving. You may love Hyundai vehicles for all these reasons. Still, you may not realize that Hyundai offers a variety of options in performance and technological features, creating a unique driving experience for all. South Bay Hyundai has a broad range of Hyundai vehicles available with many of the new Hyundai performance and technology advancements. There is a lot to know about the latest in Hyundai innovation available, so we've highlighted some of the new features offered.

What are the New Performance Enhancements from Hyundai?

Hyundai vehicles are designed to create a balance between style and performance. Drivers don't have to sacrifice one for the other but instead get modern and well-designed body styles coupled with top engineering and performance features. Hyundai cars are now stronger and lighter for better safety and style.


This system is an electronic all-wheel drive system that distributes traction freely between the front and rear wheels, depending on the driving conditions. What you get is a more stable and smooth drive on different road surfaces and conditions.


The engine is the powerhouse of a vehicle, and Hyundai offers the latest in engine innovation to create great driving experiences. They focus on developing powerful engines that are both highly efficient and better for the environment .

Hyundai developed four engines for their vehicle lineup: Tau, Lambda, Theta, and Nu. Each includes top advances in Hyundai engine development and makes for great driving experiences. The Lambda V6 engine is newly improved. It is now a 3.8-liter Gasoline Direct Injection engine that is more durable, fuel-efficient, and lighter in weight with minimum noise and vibration.

Hyundai transmission options are unique to the company. The eight-speed automatic RWD transmission is an innovation developed by Hyundai that delivers better fuel economy and power while more compact than the six-speed unit. The seven-speed Double clutch transmission was developed to provide exceptional fuel economy and low CO2 emission while also increasing acceleration performance.

Which New Smart Technology Features Does Hyundai Include in Its Lineup?

Hyundai includes many electronic technology developments in their current vehicles. These technologies help drivers navigate and avoid emergency situations on the road and reduce driver fatigue and improve focus on the road.

  • Smart Traffic jam Assist monitors the road ahead and automatically maintains a safe distance behind the car in front.
  • Interactive Voice Recognition is a new technology that enables the driver to control their smartphones easily.
  • Night View is an advanced feature of the real-time camera that gives the driver optimized road visibility and enhanced safety while driving at night.
  • Driver State Monitoring helps protect the driver while on the road by triggering an alarm when signs of fatigue, drowsiness, or distraction in a driver are detected.
  • Augmented Reality is integrated into vehicles through the 3D Navigation feature, which uses real camera footage to create a better driving experience.

Explore Hyundai Innovation for Yourself

The landscape of vehicle technology is evolving quickly. Hyundai continues to research and develop innovative features and engineering to improve safety and performance for every driver. No matter the model, you will find many options available to make your new Hyundai a unique driving experience.

If you're interested in checking out what all Hyundai has to offer, visit South Bay Hyundai in Torrance. We have a large inventory of new Hyundai vehicles for sale near Redondo Beach with the latest features to suit any lifestyle and driving needs.

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