The summer brings driver enthusiasm. Who wants to stay home when there are so many great places to visit during such excellent weather? Traveling, while fun, does come with responsibilities. Bringing your Hyundai in for summer service at South Bay Hyundai near Redondo Beach improves the chances of the vehicle running better and, hopefully, more safely.

Hyundai puts out many outstanding vehicles. Newer use, our Los Angeles are technicians are up for the task of getting them in good shape.

Oil Changes

An oil change represents one of the most basic services that should never be overlooked. Dirty oil isn’t something you should be running through your Hyundai’s engine during summer road trips. The old oil can lead to a sludge buildup in the engine, reduce performance, and deliver poor fuel economy.

Allow our team in Torrance to put in brand-new oil appropriate for your trip. We could even clean the engine and change the air filter. An oil change also affords the chance to check your windshield wiper blades, and you don’t want unreliable blades going back-and-forth if a rainstorm happens.

Coolant Flush

A vehicle relies on its coolant to properly regulate the engine temperature. Carson, CA drivers don’t want to experience an overheated engine at any time, much less when the temperature outside reaches uncomfortable levels. However, the old coolant doesn’t do a great job. If it’s time for a flush, we will put new fluid into the radiator in the system.

A coolant flush also gives us a chance to inspect the hoses and look for any leaks or problems. You don’t want a mechanical issue with the radiator, or it’s corresponding parts to cause you any hassles. We’ll provide an honest assessment of the system’s condition. And how about we check the air conditioner and its parts, too. You do want the A/C to work during the summer in Long Beach.

Additional Fluid Checks

Other fluids in the vehicle should be checked for leaks and reliability. Dirty transmission fluid is not helpful, either. Flushing or changing the transmission fluid might be worthwhile. The same is true of power steering, brake fluid, and even differential fluid.

Looking at the Tires

Tire service ranks very high on preventive maintenance lists. Rotate your tires to reduce wear and make sure there are no leaks that can add some peace of mind. Even making sure the tires are properly inflated could give the fuel economy a boost and cut down on the chances of ruining the tires.

Maybe Hawthorne, CA want to switch out old tires for summer ones. A tire change could further improve driving during those hot months. Our service team can help you choose the right tires intended for the summer or throughout the year.

Brake Inspection and Fixes

Brake service also reflects one of the most important maintenance steps to get your Hyundai in good shape. Is there anything more important than driving a safe car? Brake problems tremendously undermine the safe operation of a vehicle. And brakes do suffer from wear. Does the pedal seem to go a little lower when you apply the brakes? Do you hear a grinding sound when applying the brakes? Maybe you need work on the pads, or the brake pads require outright replacing.

And there are other components to the braking system that should be checked. The rotors, the brake lines, and more all deserve a thorough inspection. If there’s anything that needs work, a technician can take steps to fix things.

Request Service Today

A road test in a multi-point inspection might also be worth requesting. A technician can check the lights, the belts, the alignment, and more.

Setting up an appointment at the service department takes a little effort. Call our office at any time to schedule a time to come over. Please ask about any specials we are offering. Of course, you can review the website for information.

Summer is upon us. Let’s take care of some “Hyundai business” before moving on to the fun and games.

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