Check Out the New Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Very few people are aware of the storied history of the Hyundai brand. While this manufacturer was little thought of in the past, they have grown into a tremendously popular and well loved auto manufacturer. This is for a number of reasons. Their focus on value caused many to doubt them, but over time, they gained a reputation based on their excellent quality, fashionable design, and phenomenal bang for the buck. There are lots of reasons to drive a Hyundai hybrid and you can find a full selection of Hyundai Ioniq models at South Bay Hyundai.

There are quite a few reasons that hybrids are gaining in popularity. Gas mileage, environmental friendliness and trendiness are all included in that list. One thing that makes this vehicle stand out among other hybrids is the stylish design. Many hybrids were built for utilitarian reasons and do not have design chops - not so for the Ioniq.



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