Tips for Getting More Life Out of Your Battery in Extreme Weather

Extreme summer heat drains the energy out of everything. Plants, people, and your car battery. Think of how lakes and pools evaporate liquid in the summer heat, and that's an indication of what happens to your battery. The chemical make-up of your battery accelerates to the point that battery fluid evaporates faster. Less battery fluid means a weaker battery. Here are a few tips to extending your battery life.

Keep your car as cool as possible. If you have a garage or parking area with cooler temperatures, try to park there. When starting your vehicle, try to keep the a/c, lights and radio off. Unplug any devices. Asking your battery to work less hard will prolong its life. Keep the terminals clean from corrosion. The general health of your battery will help overall.

Before the weather changes to another extreme, bring your car in to the service center for a test or a battery replacement.



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