Serpentine Belts, Timing Belts, and Hoses: Don't Let Them Crack

If you've ever had one of your brake hoses go out, or if you've heard your timing belt squeal, then you know what some of the symptoms are for hoses and belts that have gone or are going bad. But do you know what each of the parts do, and did you know that there are even more belts and hoses on your vehicle?

The serpentine belts sends power send power from the crankshaft to various parts of the engine. If one of these belts break, you vehicle simply won't go anywhere. The timing belt makes sure that all of the valves and pistons on the crank shaft and cam shaft are running in tandem with the engine. Various hoses and belts carry fluids such as brake fluid and coolant to where they need to be on the vehicle, and if those parts don't receive the fluids, they could be damaged.

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